Performance Management Programs and Strategy

Performance Management Programs and Strategy

  • Performance review and management program - This process involves initial design of the performance review process along with the review and update of existing performance review documents; recommendation and implementation of automated performance review products.

  • Coaching for executives and managers - We work with managers on leadership and managerial skills; we also extend effective coaching on employee issues and provide training on motivation and work style needs.

  • Comprehensive performance management training programs - KM Consultants provide effective training modules to employees and managers and the interaction necessary for good performance management programs to work.

  • Development of performance management philosophy - We provide an organization with an overall approach on performance management including design of reward structure.

  • Review of performance metrics - These are current metrics meeting the organizational needs. This process highlights what changes or additions should be made, how to tie the performance metrics to organization objectives and results.

  • Performance reward strategy - Rewards are not always about money. We give broad and detailed references of what ideas or programs to be used as part of the reward structure.

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