Organizational Development & Design

Organizational Development & Design

  • Job description development & analysis - We help organizations prepare written positions, descriptions; design career progression; develop position requirements and or review and improve existing description process.

  • Compensation review and benchmarking - Through the use of competitive benchmarking and survey instruments, we review a company's compensation programs and provide feedback on their ability to attract and retain employees.

  • Salary range development - We assist in utilizing external and internal salary data, prepare salary ranges and assign positions within the organization to those ranges.

  • Bonus/Incentive program review and design - We help in putting down processes which utilize external and internal information, develop supplemental reward systems such as bonus, commission and incentive programs.

  • Regular update of merit system - We design a merit salary system based on competitive information for the industry or geographic area and provided regular annual or bi-annual updated information.

  • Functional organization design - We offer to review existing organization structure, recommend effective alternatives for the organization; develop organization structure for emerging companies; develop organization structures for mergers and acquisitions.

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