ProScan Survey

Professional DynaMetric Programs™ is a user friendly, convenient, easy and concise way of assessing your prospective and existing employees' talents and strengths.

ProScan™ identifies an applicant or existing employee's natural leadership, productivity, communication and decision-making talents, along with energy style and stress.

JobScan™ 'models' the organization's expectations of a particular set of responsibilities and determines which applicant or employee's talents most closely fit.

TeamScan™ analyzes the team's dynamics to identify conflict potential, communication styles, and productivity relationships.

With PDP, improve... hiring, managing, communication, and teambuilding... and make all the pieces fit!

What are your natural talents? Test drive the multifaceted PDP system below :

DIRECTIONS: Mark the response which best describes HOW YOU FEEL YOU REALLY ARE on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being NO OR LEAST and 5 being YES OR MOST. 

1 Trustworthy
2 Gentle
3 Spirited
4 Understanding  
5 Individualistic
6 Esteemed
7 Earnest
8 Compassionate
9 Convincing
10 Bold
11 Precise
12 Adaptable
13 Organized
14 Aggressive
15 Shy
16 Compelling
17 Calm
18 Daring
19 Spontaneous
20 Outgoing
21 Fussy
22 Talkative
23 Demanding
24 Industrious
25 Generous
26 Careful
27 Pleasant
28 Conventional
29 Warm
30 Efficient

Note NEW
DIRECTIONS:  Mark the response which best describes HOW YOU FEEL OTHERS EXPECT YOU TO BE OR ACT on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being NO OR LEAST and 5 being YES OR MOST.

1 Stable
2 Sympathetic  
3 Persistent  
4 Agreeable
5 Lively  
6 Dedicated
7 Charming
8 Complicated
9 Self-assured
10 Cheerful
11 Dependent
12 Nice
13 Congenial
14 Adventurous
15 Enthusiastic
16 Tolerant
17 Fearless
18 Optimistic
19 Charitable
20 Brave
21 Persuasive
22 Loyal
23 Deliberate
24 Outstanding
25 Impulsive
26 Controlling
27 Soft-hearted
28 Systematic
29 Good-natured
30 Analytical

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